Unlimited prints in our photo booths!


Unlimited prints in our photo booths
Here at The Oxfordshire Photo Booth Company we can offer you unlimited prints in our photo booths to give you the best event whatever the occasion! So if that means entering one of our booths a few too many times than people deem appropriate, well guess what? You can! You can go in to the booth until you see permanent flashing lights in your eyes (this won’t actually happen). But seriously, make the most of the booth and and go in with all of your guests to create memories that will last a lifetime! Or until Zuckerberg kops it.


By unlimited prints we mean all of your guests can indulge themselves in our photo booths as often as they like – for free. Every time you go into the booth, the printer will print 1 copy of postcard size prints or 2 copies of wallet size prints (simply let us know what you would prefer on our booking form). This choice come as standard in our Classic Package and Early Bird Package. However, when booking the Deluxe Package you will get 2 copies of 6×4 or 4 copies of 2×6.

Alternativly, you can add the Guestbook upgrade to the Classic Package for only £50. With this package you will receive a 75 page guest book, 2 copies of wallet size prints, glue and pens leaving your guests with one print to take home and the another to stick in the guest book and get creative.

So by offering unlimited prints in our photo booths we really are giving you the best chance to have that party you’ve always wanted. You’d almost be silly not to use us. Almost.

Now the print sizes are sussed, book up and enjoy those unlimited poses!