Photo Booth Hire – What to Expect


Photo Booth Hire – What to Expect

So, to make sure you know exactly what to expect we have complied this handy (and cunningly titled) “What to Expect” guide.

Crikey! It’s not long to go now until you’ll be strutting your stuff on the dance floor, making memories with good friends and piling as many people as possible into one of our photo booths for unlimited prints (and unlimited good times!).


It generally takes one and half hours to set up one of our photo booths. For example, if you have told us on your booking form that you would like to start your photo booth at 7.30pm that means we will arrive at 6pm to set up. (If you would like to amend the start time of your photo booth or need a reminder don’t’ hesitate to send us an email on and we’ll get back to you ASAP!).

Photo Booth Hire - What to Expect: set-upWhile it’s true that we don’t lug around loads of kit and the assembly of the photo booth is relatively quiet, it’s worth bearing in mind that if you have anything important happening in the room at the same time, the assembly/disassembly of the photo booth could cause minor distraction. This is particularly relevant if there are speeches being made before set up or if there is a disco in full swing upon disassembly.

N.B. While we are more than happy to set up the photo booth at a time that is convenient for you we do charge an idle hours fee of £25 per hour.

Photo Booth Hire - What to Expect: Props TableProps

Along with the photo booth we also provide a selection of props. Our props are specifically designed to be silly, stylish and durable, and generally include masks, wigs, signs, inflatables, hats, glasses and accessories. If there is anything you wish to provide in addition to our props you’re more than welcome, please note however that we can’t take responsibility for these items and we always recommend that you tell our photo booth attendants exactly what you have included so it doesn’t get mixed up with our own items!

Photo Booth Hire - What to ExpectLogistics

If you have a particular location that would like the photo booth set up please do either let us know before hand, or inform the staff at your venue so they can instruct our photo booth attendant.