Alice in Wonderland Photo Booth


We went down the rabbit hole and into the world of Lewis Carroll when asked to provide an Alice in Wonderland themed Photo Booth in the magical grounds of Harris Manchester College, Oxford. Challenge accepted…

And what better place to set an Alice in Wonderland themed event than the picturesque gardens of Harris Manchester College?A real hidden treasure right in the centre of Oxford. As well as delicate lawns and curiosities around each corner, Harris Manchester offers a gorgeous college chapel with stunning pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows. The exquisite stained glass windows are also seamlessly consistent by theme, design, colour, having been done ‘all of a piece’.

A perfect venue for a quick visit, event, celebration or wedding with a difference.

Harris Manchester82

“Off with their heads!!” – Alice in Wonderland

Harris Manchester153

Mad Hatters

Harris Manchester110

“Yes, that’s it!” said the Hatter, “It’s always tea time.” – Alice in Wonderland

Harris Manchester193

“We’re all mad here” said the Cat, I’m mad. You’re mad.” – Alice in Wonderland

The Cheshire Cat and, erm … chicken head?